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Sosban’s sample menu offers an outstanding culinary experience for guests, with a focus on fresh, seasonal produce of the highest possible quality, to create world-class dishes.
Carefully chosen wine pairings to complement all dishes are also available.
When making a booking, please inform us if you have any dietary requirements as we need to know in advance so that we can prepare an appropriate menu for you. With notice, we can adapt our menu to cater for most dietary requirements.

Prif Fwydlen – A La Carte

Beer Bread

marmite butter and shirgar salted farm butter £4.50

Cwrs Cynfaf – Starters

Grilled Scallop in the shell£12.50

bacon sabayon and black truffle

Tempura Langoustine£11.50

fresh yuzu and ginger dipping sauce

Crispy Chicken Skin£9.50

chicken parfait, elderflower jelly and grape chutney

Quail on Toast£9.50

baconaise, quail egg and truffle

Cheddar Custard£8.50

piccalilli and potato crackers

Prif Gwrs – Mains

Cod Five Ways£23.00

curry sauce, salt and vinegar chips

Ash Covered Beef Fillet£32.50

beetroot ketchup and blue cheese

Smoked and Pickled Carrot£18.00

malted barley and puffed potato

Marmite Chard Turbot£27.50

cauliflower, lemon and parsley

Glazed Duck£26.50

pickled blueberries and turnips

Ychwanegiadau – Sides

Roasted Spiced Carrots£4.50

Broccoli Macaroni Cheese£5.00

Triple Cooked Chips £4.50

Black Truffle and Cheddar Chips£6.00

Pwdin – Desserts

Sticky Toffee Pudding£7.50

caramel sauce and Guinness ice cream

Chocolate Mousse£8.50

mascarpone and coffee

Great British Menu Rice Pudding£9.00

pickled blackberries and hay ice cream

Passion Fruit and Lemon Tart,£8.00

miso caramel and banana

Cheese Board

£10.50 for one person ~ £14.50 for two people to share

St Maure With Ash

A log-shaped, close-textured cheese traditionally impaled with a straw for ease of handling. (Today the straw is laser-printed with the specifics of each cheese-maker, ensuring nifty traceability.) The pate is a creamy white, and at various times throughout the year melts below the rind. Mild and rich, the flavour is notably lower in salt than its fellow Loire Valley goat's cheeses. Dusted in charcoal ash.


Epoisses de Bourgogne is a soft cow’s milk cheese produced by Jacques Hennart in the village Époisses, France.  Commonly called as Epoisses, the cheese has creamy, chewy and firm texture. With a distinctive soft red-orange colour, it is categorised as a smear-ripened cheese washed in marc de Bourgogne. It takes at least 6 weeks to mature fully. Despite its pungent smell, the cheese has a spicy, sweet and salty flavour. It goes well with Trappist beer and Sauternes.

Stoney Cross

Stoney Cross is a truckle of mould ripened cheese, very similar to a French Tomme De Savoie. It is creamy in texture with sweet flavours and a distinctly earthy finish. The cheese is named after an old-World War II airfield 2 miles to the South of the Lyburn farm. The subtle flavours and smooth texture of this cheese have brought Lyburn farm many awards, including a Bronze at the British cheese awards, Silver at Nantwich and One Star Gold at the Great Taste.


Wigmore cheese is produced by Village Maid Cheese at the village of Risley in Berkshire and made by Anna and Andy Wigmore from ewe milk. They make creamy and crumbly cheese with a bloomy natural rind. It is an artisan cheese, which takes 8 weeks to fully ripen. With 48% fat, it has a mild, fruity and sweet flavour and a bit yeasty aroma depending on seasons. Wigmore goes well with Cabernet Merlot. The cheese has won many Gold Medals at the British Cheese Awards.

Royal Wooton Bassett Blue

Royal Bassett Blue is a pasteurised soft blue cheese, produced by Brinkworth Dairy at Hill End Farm near Chippenham, Wiltshire. Ceri Cryer’s family have farmed the land since 1910