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Sosban’s sample menu offers an outstanding culinary experience for guests, with a focus on fresh, seasonal produce of the highest possible quality, to create world-class dishes.
Carefully chosen wine pairings to complement all dishes are also available.
When making a booking, please inform us if you have any dietary requirements as we need to know in advance so that we can prepare an appropriate menu for you. With notice, we can adapt our menu to cater for most dietary requirements.

Prif Fwydlen – A La Carte

Wholemeal Organic Loaf

marmite butter and shirgar salted farm butter £4.50

Cwrs Cynfaf – Starters

Salt Baked Swede£7.50

garlic emulsion, pistachio and goats’ cheese

Sweet Potato Cracker£7.50

elderflower jelly, beetroot relish and goats curd

Crispy Chicken Skin£9.50

chicken parfait, elderflower jelly and grape chutney

Jerusalem Artichoke and Truffle Soup£8.50

crispy pigs head, pear and Cenarth brie cheese

Chargrilled Jumbo Prawn£13.50

prawn mayonnaise and puffed potato

Prif Gwrs – Mains

Chateaubriand to Share£70.00

cauliflower cheese, onion rings and truffle chips

Cod Five Ways£21.00

pea puree, salt and vinegar chips

Ash Covered Venison Loin£26.50

beetroot ketchup, black pudding and blackberries

Wild Mushroom Risotto£18.00

truffle and black garlic

Ychwanegiadau – Sides

Mixed Vegetables £4.00

Seasonal Potatoes £4.00

Triple Cooked Chips £4.00

Truffle and Parmesan Chips £4.00

Pwdin – Desserts

Coffee Pannacotta£6.50

chocolate and coffee textures

Saffron Mousse£6.50

orange ice cream and cookie date crumble

Apple Rice Pudding£6.50

raspberries, hay ice cream and caramelised milk skin

Sosban Trifle£6.50

lemon curd, pickled blackberries, whisky and elderflower jelly

Cheese Board

£9.50 for one person ~ £13.50 for two people to share

Barkham Blue

Barkham Blue has a very distinctive appearance. Made in a 1kg ammonite shaped round, it is covered in an attractive natural mould ripened rustic rind. The deep yellow moist interior is spread with dark blue – green veins. It has a rich blue taste, smooth buttery texture with a melt in the mouth flavour, without the harshness associated with some blue cheese.

Kidderton Ash Goats

Kidderton Ash looks special from the outset. It is sprinkled with ash prior to maturing which promotes the growth of its fluff white coat but also produces a fabulous visual effect that can be appreciated when the cheese is sliced. The contrast of textures can be enjoyed from the soft white coat, the firmer charcoal ash layer and then the soft luscious goats’ cheese in the centre. The velvety texture of the cheese when young becomes creamier as it matures. Made at Wilson Fields Farm with pasteurised goats’ milk from Nicola Butler’s pedigree herd.

Black Bomber

The Little Black Bomber is a strong, extra mature cheddar cheese that packs a punch as a powerful presence on any cheeseboard with a vintage Cheddar taste. Unsurprising with the company’s strap-line for this cheese being “Cheddar with Attitude”! completely wrapped in a black wax, which retains a moist, smooth texture, distinctive from other traditional Cheddars which are usually more crumbly.

Ogle Shield

Up at Neal’s Yard Dairy, the storeman Bill Oglethorpe began to experiment with the cheese, using the 'washed rind' technique which affects texture, taste, smell (more!), and the quality of the rind (softer, stickier). You can guess the next bit: Oglethorpe's modified Jersey Shield became 'Ogle Shield'.


Eve is a cute little beauty of a cheese. Made by Pete Humphries of Somerset's Whitelake Cheese, this small and meltingly soft goats’ cheese is washed in Somerset Cider Brandy and then wrapped in vine leaves. Unpasteurised and non-vegetarian, maker Pete Humphries drew on the character of the French Epoisses in devising the cheese.