Drink of the Month – September

Barti Ddu Rum

As the evenings draw in and there’s an autumn nip in the air, we’ve chosen a drink
that will warm the cockles of your heart.
Barti Ddu Rum (pronounced Barti ‘thee’) is a blend of fine Caribbean rum, spiced with
notes of vanilla, cloves and orange. The secret ingredient is a subtle infusion of hand-
picked Pembrokeshire laver seaweed, also known as Welshman’s caviar.

Who knew there were pirates in Pembrokeshire!

Barti Ddu (Black Bart in English) was a notorious Welsh pirate, John Roberts from Little
Newcastle in Pembrokeshire in the late 17th century. He’s reputed to have captured
over four hundred ships during the course of his reign and to be the first to fly the
Jolly Roger flag. “A merry life but a short one” was his carefree motto and outlook on

John Roberts was known for his fondness for liquor, so The Pembrokeshire Beach
Food Company have named Barti Ddu Rum in his honour.

How is it produced?

The best Caribbean un-aged rum is infused with a ‘giant tea bag’ of handpicked laver
seaweed after which lemon, orange, vanilla, clove, ginger and cinnamon are added to
produce a “heavy spiced, citrus dark seaweed rum”.

Taste description:

The seaweed gently mellows the vibrant vanilla, Christmassy clove and zingy citrus to
create a smooth spiced rum perfect to drink over ice or with your favourite ginger
beer and a slice of orange.

The Sosban cocktail

We like to mix Barti Ddu Rum with passionfruit syrup, lime juice and ginger ale – long
and refreshing!

Barti Ddu Rum – https://www.bartirum.wales