Drink of the Month – July

DOTM - Tinworks

Drink of the Month: July

Tin Works Brewery: Marshfield Red Ale

Made down the road in Llanelli, Marshfield Red is a complex hoppy red ale with a restrained bitterness and bursting with a floral and citrus aroma. It’s a perfect pairing with chocolate.

The ruby red colour comes from the caramel malt and a combination of the hops from the US and New Zealand give the bitterness.

TinWorks is a brand new craft brewery which launched in early 2018 in Llanelli. The brainchild of two local brothers who inherited their grandfather’s home-brewing kit, their obsession with home brewing and their friends love of the results, has bloomed into a business. Matthew and Ben Stevenson say their aim is to create American style beers with a Welsh twist.

They are inspired by Llanelli’s industrial heritage and their three beers are all named after old tinplate works in the town. Marshfield Red is named after the Marshfield Works. They say they’d like to fill the town with the aroma of hops and malt, just as it was once filled with the thick black smoke from the tin works.

Taste description:
Balanced fruitiness, rugged bitterness and hoppy

Try it with:
We recommend pairing Marshfield Red Ale with our Double Chocolate Fudge Brownie with coffee foam and orange .

ABV: 4.7%

Tin Works Brewery – http://www.tinworksbrewery.co.uk/